Friday, June 27, 2008

Dream Team

Unity, it turns out, is only a half hour from Wilmot, so how could I resist?

I know all the reasons why BHO should not choose HRC. None of them seemed very cogent to me this afternoon. Her campaign has made her the iconic figure she was not before the primaries. She connects. ("Bush and McCain are two sides of the same coin, and it doesn't add up to a lot of change.") The debate with the Republican Veep will also be consequential.

In fact, HRC has developed so much as a national figure in recent months, it will be hard for BHO to explain why not choosing her is not an act of pettiness or wimpiness or something bad. Hard, not impossible.

Anyway, it was hard to tell what he is really thinking, though from where I was standing, Reagan gave Gorbachev a warmer hug.

BY THE WAY, where I was standing is itself a story. While my daughter Tamar (the newly-minted art historian) and I were waiting outside the compound, in a long, patient line, a young woman from the campaign came up, out of the blue, and offered us (really, offered Tamar) a red wrist-band, which authorized us to jump the line and sit behind the candidates. We were, that is, invited to be in the world-historical photo-op. She didn't say why she chose Tamar. I wonder.


Kerr said...

She would have a harder time explaining why she wouldn't choose Tamar.

Leila said...

What a beauty. She looks so Lebanese - a compliment.

Y. Ben-David said...

One of the "conspiracy theories" speculating as to why Hilary remained in the race when it was clear she could not get enough delegates to win was the she believes that Obama will go down in flames in the election and that she will be in a good position to pick up the pieces in the 2012 election, particularly if McCain were to decide to serve only one term. It must be remembered that Hilary won 9 of the last 16 primaries and got 600,000 more votes than Obama AFTER IT WAS CLEAR THAT HE HAD THE NOMINATION WRAPPED UP. Usually a candidate gains strength as victory comes within grasp, in Obama's case the opposite happened.
In any event, I think most Democrats will agree that a Obama/Clinton ticket is simply trying to make too much "history" at one time. Obama would have the "what do we do with Bill" albatross hanging around his neck.

For all of you who think Obama is the messiah, what exactly is he going to do "to bring change" or "to give hope"? The US has serious structural economic problems (huge trade deficit, too little savings) and so there isn't going to be enough money for Obama to start a new "New Deal" or "Great Society"-type program which many pro-Obama people think he is going to introduce. The fact is that the last time an openly liberal candidate for President won was in 1964 (LBJ) and the last time before that was in 1948---JFK did not run as a big liberal, his main attack on Nixon and the Republicans was that they supposedly let the US "fall behind" the Soviet Union in the military-technology spheres. I don't think the American people have moved in the liberal direction as much as many Obama-groupies seem to think.

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