Monday, September 8, 2008

TPM Cafe Book Club

The Hebrew Republic is being batted about in this week's "TPM Cafe Book Club."  You can pick up the thread here.  And please feel free to add a comment.  


Jake said...

Dr. Avishai,
You succinctly hit the nail right on the head regarding the non-viability of a one-state "solution". I would add to your concerns about a Jewish vs. Hebrew Kulturkampf in Israel that there is a much larger rift within Palestinian society: the imbroglio between secularists and theocrats in the Occupied Territories has already is far more than a debate, having descended into factional violence several times in the past few years. Palestine, more than Israel, is much more like two states now - quite trying to our hopes of a two-state solution, much less any naive dreams of binationalism

Margaret said...

No surprise to find that Palestinian society is subject to the same divisions as all others. I would disagree that the rift between secularists and those who espouse a theology divides Palestinian society more so than it does Israeli or any other at present. To me it seems one of the fundamental conflicts of our time.

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