Thursday, September 4, 2008

W.'s Fourth and Fifth Terms

Charming. Plain spoken. Good looking. Earnest. Angry.  Sort of a wild youth, but settled-down, family.  University, but no intellectual, thank God.  Early career in sports. Knows how to cheer.  TV dinners, when necessary.

What the Bible prohibits (well, what the New Testament prohibits) are sins. "Choice" is a liberal's way of dressing up what's immoral. Thinks government should prohibit what's immoral.  Yet sees government as too big, intrusive, and tending toward corruption.  Thinks only an intellectual could notice a contradiction.

Never really traveled abroad. Thinks foreign policy means standing up for freedom. Thinks freedom means standing against (and killing as many of the) evil people who attack our way of life, control our oil, etc. Thinks this is God's work.  Reveres military people. (Runs for higher office in the reflected prestige of a war hero).  Loves Israel, while preached to by ministers who think Jews are punished for rejecting Christianity. 

Comes from an oil state.  Thinks energy policy means building (or giving tax breaks for building) infrastructure to further the ways oil companies bring supplies to market.  Silent about climate change. Knows how to mock elitists, with their policy papers, difficult math and dirty books.  Suggests the free-wheeling culture of "pundits" serves Democrats, but counting on cable news, right-wing talk shows, etc., to whip up enthusiasm and organize.  

Counting, especially, on television "dream teams" defining their job as scoring how political gambits play, rather than reporting whether claims are true


Y. Ben-David said...

"Progressives" also think the government should prohibit what is immoral...the only difference is a different view of what is "immoral". For example "progressives" want to ban all sorts of free speech if it offends various priviledged groups like homosexuals or racial minorities (hatred of whites or Jews like Jeremiah Wright is protected free speech, whereas criticism of Muslims such as what Daniel Pipes does is defined as "hate speech" and should be banned).
Also "progressives" do allow use of military force under some circumstances such as when the US and NATO bombed the Serbs in the interest of the Muslim Bosnians or Kossovars, but ousting Saddam Hussein with military force is a gigantic crime for "progressives" since he used socialist jargon and fired Scud missiles at Israel.

For a "progressive" it is preposterous to think the Bible is any sort of guide to morality, but "political correctness" is mandatory.

For a "progressive", Palestinian nationalism is a praiseworthy, progressive value, but Jewish nationalism is narrow, bigoted and primitive which is why some people (even Jews) say Israel should not call itself a Jewish state.

LeaNder said...

y. Ben-David, I consider myself as progressive but don't like slogans and do not consider myself guilty of any of the double standards you list for "us" progressives collectively.

Y. Ben-David said...

Of course you are right. I have encountered the type of thinking I have been criticizing on numerous "progressive blogs". I find this uncritical Obama worhip very common and it is inexplicable to me how so many intelligent throw out their critical faculties when it comes to discussing him and the election.

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