Friday, October 24, 2008

Hebrew Republic: A Lecture

Vanderbilt University troubled to record a recent lecture, which can be seen here.  Some may want to skip to the question period, which always produces newness.


Y. Ben-David said...

Interesting how, when you were describing who was carrying out the suicide bombings in Israel, you mention HAMAS and Islamic Jihad as being responsible for them and then you posit the FATAH-controlled Palestinian Authority as supposedly being "opposed" to them. I would like to know why you left out the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade from the list of those carrying carrying out bombings. Is it because they are directly part of FATAH and under Arafat's control, which then ruins your claim that the Palestinian Authority supposedly opposed the bombings? IIRC, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade carried out no fewer bombings than did those other groups. You seem to claim that Arafat opposed the bombings, whereas everyone else says he was directly involved in enabling them.
I realize this ruins your basic thesis that there is, somewhere, a "moderate" Palestinian leadership that is willing to make peace on terms that you view as "reasonable", but of course, there is no such thing (read former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon's book to see this explained).

Y. Ben-David said...

You state that "the solution is obvious", and then you outline the Taba/Clinton Paramters. You say "it is obvious to everyone that this is the solution AND THAT BOTH SIDES ACCEPT IT". Yossi Alpher, a fellow "progressive" explicitly denied that in a very recent article. There has been NO agreement on any of the terms you outline and which you have claim have been agreed upon. You say, for example, that it is "understood" that the so-called "Palestinian Right of Return" would be implemented by sending most of the refugees to the Palestinian state and only a "few" would be forced on Israel to take back in. NO AGREEMENT HAS BEEN REACHED ON THESE MATTERS. This, by the way, is included in the Saudi "peace plan" of 2002 (which was cooked-up only in order to assuage American anger at the Saudi part in the 9/11 attacks). Sure they offer peace with the Arab world ON CONDITION that Israel accept their terms, and this includes the right of the return, on which as I stated, has not been agreed upon.

You also say "Hanan says the problems is NOT the Palestinians, but the Israeli Arabs". But then you mention that his moshav is sitting on land that belonged to the Palestinian refugees, but then you dismiss this as a problem because you claim, wrongly, that their Palestinian Authority "recognizes Israel". This is why they insist on the Right of Return.

You imply that the Palestinians accept Israeli control of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. They have NOT agreed to this. They view it as a MUSLIM holy place that Jews have a tradition of praying at. They have NOT agreed to any Jewish control over Jewish holy sites in east Jerusalem. Alpher says no agreement has been made on these matters.

Unlike what you claim, neither the Palestinians or the other Arab countries are prepared to live in peace on the terms you claim are "obvious", nor have they agreed to the terms you say have.

Y.Ben-David said...

You state that your friend Hanan, being a product of Zionism's agricultural past, doesn't really realize that land isn't important anymore. You point out that his children are all educated professionals, so therefore, as you see it, land isn't important anymore. This reminds me of Shimon Peres' statement that "land isn't important, it is the spirit which is important". Well, the Jews of pre-1933 Germany were on this level..they were mostly successful professionals and businessmen, tied into a global economy. They weren't interested in "Jewish nationalism" or Zionism. They relied on the "spirit", not "land". We see what happens when the Jews don't have land. And if you really believe that, and you want to help the Palestinians, then tell them that they are better off WITHOUT land and without a state (just like the pre-1933 German Jews who were globalized just like you advocate) and then they can develop their spirit and thus reach the high level you are on.

Anonymous said...

People who follow your thesis are naivve fools.
You are in bed with the enemies of the state.
BTW..the lead to this blog is ...Vanderbilt University troubled to record a recent lecture, which can be seen here. Some may want to skip to the question period, which always produces newness...

better sentences can be written by high school students.

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