Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Dangers Of National Unity

"Can't you understand simple arithmetic? Why, the very point of [our] program is to have as much land as possible and as few Arabs as possible!" 

Avigdor Lieberman in 2009? Actually, Yitzhak Navon, Labor leader, and former president of the state, at an election rally in Yoqneam in 1984.  

My point is that there is a bigger crisis here than the emergence of a "neo-fascist," as Marty Peretz called Lieberman (or shall we say even Marty Peretz, as Fareed Zakaria implied). There is the question of what national unity means, or at least how it plays. By 1984, the great danger to Israeli democracy was allegedly Meir Kahane, the caustic, menacing, ultra du jour. But his power stemmed, much like Lieberman's today, from his saying bluntly what a generation of leaders before him had fudged politely.

That Israel is for Jews, and let's not be too fine about what Jewish means. That "Jewish and democratic" means doing what we've done to privilege "Zionism"--exclude non-Jews from "nationalized" land, empower (or pander to) orthodox rabbis, root identity, even citizenship, in bloodlines, sacralize Jerusalem--and continue doing so as long as there are more of us than them. That Israel's fate is to hit regularly at Palestinian insurgents and other enemies--"mow the lawn," in the words of an Israeli intelligence officer I know--and that so long as we are not at peace, we might as well cultivate national unity by supporting, or just overlooking, West Bank settlements, whose leaders are custodians of classical Zionism's heroic spirit.

Lieberman ran on the unremarkable idea that Israeli Arabs are not really capable of feeling allegiance to this Jewish state; that they should be denied citizenship if they fail to swear allegiance to it. In practical terms, Lieberman's line means "as much land as possible and as few Arabs as possible," that in any peace deal entertained by Israel, the Israeli Arab villages of the Little Triangle should be transferred to a Palestinian state. Incidentally, not four years ago, in the fall of 2005, Peretz's New Republic published an article by Uzi Arad--the former head of research at the Mossad, the Princeton-educated convener of the prestigious Herzliya Conference (a man I know and otherwise respect)--that called for exactly the same plan as Lieberman's.
I DO NOT mean to dwell on little hypocrisies, which we all engage in at times.  But it is important to emphasize how this trans-Atlantic handshake reveals what is conventional, and dangerous, in Lieberman's thinking. Netanyahu is calling for national unity, to "topple Hamas," face the threat of Iran, and meet the "economic challenge." He is begging the question, and inviting Tzipi Livni and other centrists to go on begging it with him. But Livni surely knows (and how can Netanyahu not?) that he cannot attack Hamas more without strengthening it even more; cannot take unilateral action against Iran; cannot do anything significant to alleviate the effects of the world economic slump, at least no more than the mayor of Los Angeles. 

What he can do is stall on confronting the sorry legacy of Israel's national unity: stall on confronting a settlement project that continues to spread like a cancer across the West Bank (and with over 160 settlements, Netanyahu's claim that he will only allow "natural growth" is like a doctor saying, after metastasis, that he will only allow natural growth); stall on confronting a warped Israeli state apparatus that is turning Arab citizens into radical enemies.

IT IS HARD to know if Livni will go along. If Lieberman has become the poster-child for the logic of the "demographic problem," she has become the poster-child for a professional and entrepreneurial class that knows Israel cannot at once embrace globalization and defy the globe. All she can really do by joining the government is help Netanyahu charm American officials and otherwise stand up to pressures to change the status quo. Of course the status quo is a disaster, and many in the Tel-Aviv middle class voted for her because she seemed, precisely, a force for change.  

At the same time, it is not at all clear that her vision, or Ehud Barak's for that matter, is much different from Netanyahu's, or Lieberman's for that matter--one of the reasons Livni has been so coy. Indeed, it is not at all clear, as Haaretz's Nehemia Shtrasler wrote recently, that Israel really has a political party that envisions both secular, democratic principles as the basis for internal peace, and global enterprises as the building blocks of an external peace.

This is the great disappointment of the last election, a shame, truly, since so many Israelis would know what to do with peace. Just last week, as was widely reported, a team of Israeli scientists announced a breakthrough invention, an "artificial nose" that was able to "sniff" cancer in 92% of cases. What was not widely reported is that the lead doctor, Hossam Haick, is an Arab from Nazareth, the child of a family which a 1948 version of national unity failed to drive away.

One last thing: if Netanyahu were serious about creating a "unity" goverment to take hard decisions, to tip from defending the inertia of the "national camp" to cooperating seriously in a regional diplomatic initiative based on the Saudi Plan, all he would have to do is form a coalition with Kadima and Labor.  But then he would be, in effect, the junior partner, and half of his own party list (Benny Begin, Moshe Yaalon, and others) would go into a kind of internal exile. This is his moment of truth, too, and ours about him.  


Y. Ben-David said...

I know it is hard for you to understand this, Dr Avishai, but you and your Hebrew Republic were overwhelmingly defeated in the election. The Jewish/Nationalist bloc won a very large victory. The two parties that foisted the Oslo fiasco on Israel, which had 56 seats in the Knesset at the time, won only 16 this time.

They have heard over and over all the distorted "facts" that you and other "progressives" have been pushing for years , that "everyone knows the outline of the final agreement", that "the Arabs really, deep down want to embrace materialist, secularist, consumerist 'globalism'", that "Arab rejectionism can be overcome if we ofter them enough money and territory", that "if we talk to HAMAS and recognize their regime in Gaza, they will then be forced to become moderate", that "The Israeli Right is primarily composed of backwards, uneducated people and if only they would listen to us 'progressives' we would give them peace" , etc, etc.
You "progressives" had your chance. You had 15 years to show that the Arabs have changed and now are willing to make real peace, or at least really stop the violence against Israel. What did we get...ever increasing violence, hatred and deligitimazation of Israel in the OFFICIAL media of our supposed "peace partners" in the Palestinian Authority and others like Jordan and Egypt who have "peace agreements" with Israel. A year ago you wrote about how Prime Minister Olmert buttonholed you at a New Years Party (when he was under pressure from the Winograd Report for his bungling in the Lebanon II War) and you said how he told you with tears in his eyes that he now realized that his lifelong support of the Likud and its nationalist ideology was one gigantic mistake and they he now was going to be the one who would break the Gordian Knot and finally make peace. I told you at the time in this blog he was lying to you, he only wanted to to persuade your "progressive" friends in the intelligentsia to oppose his being ousted for corruption and incompetence and stick with him because he would finally carry out the policies you want. DID HE? No. Instead he gave us two inconclusive wars in 3 years that didn't do much to improve Israel's strategic position but did do much to damage its international position.

Maybe now that Israel will gave a government representing the majority of the population which no longer believes in the snakeoil you "peace-process progressives" have been selling for decades now, the world will finally begin to understand the truth, that the Arab world is not interested in peace with Israel on any terms and that Israel will stand on its interests and will no longer go around babbling about making concessions it can't make and thus the Arabs will begin to have more respect for us, will believe what Israel's leaders say, and that Israel's leaders, instead of trying to run away from their Jewish identity as the "Hebrew Republic" will have as much pride in their Jewish identity and stand up for Jewish rights just like the Arabs do for theirs. Only then, when the Arabs look at us a equals (not as self-debasing defeatists as the Oslo gang has insisted on viewing themselves and Israel which only brings the Arab side to believe that it is only a matter of time until we collapse entirely) can we begin a real dialogue that will hopefully lead to a lessing of the violence which your phony "peace process" has only increased.

YMedad said...

You write of the Jewish revenant communities in Judea and Samaria that they "spread like a cancer"? Why not like the "plague"? Or a "virus"? or like a "disease"?

There are so many other antisemitic/Nazi imagery terms you could use.

Or maybe you do not write but "spew forth", "disgorge", "vomit", "spit out", et al. Do you like this being dome to you?

Do Arab and/or Beduin illegal villages "spread like cancer across the northern Negev"?

Can will have just a bit of semantic decorum?

Y. Ben-David said...

Mr Medad-you have to understand the predicament that Dr Avishai, as a "progressive" is facing. If you have been following "progressive" bloggers in the recent past, it is becoming increasing difficult to identify as a "progressive" and to support Israel and Zionism IN ANY FORM. The question is now not "the 2-state solution" and recognition of "Palestinian National rights", but rather the trend now is towards negating ANY Jewish national identity and any validity to Zionism at all. Dr Avishai, more than some other "progressive" Jewish bloggers is aware of this which is the reason he came up with his still-born "Hebrew Republic"....because he, as a "progressive" is uncomfortable with any sort of (Jewish) ethnic nationalism ("progressives" actually revel in ethnic nationalism, such as Northern Ireland Catholic Irish nationalism, but when it comes to Jewish nationalism all sorts of ideological problems crop up for them, but this is besides the point). Thus Dr Avishai wants to remove the "Jewish" part of Zionism and create a new "Hebrew" nationalism which supposedly Israeli Arabs will buy into and make them feel "equal", but of course, this can never work because the Middle East primarily Muslim and Arabic Speaking, so Israel being a "Hebrew" state is just as alien as a "Jewish" state and in fact is even more threatening to Arab identity because instead of being open about its Jewishness, it is hiding behind a "progressive" mask of "Hebrewism" which could be even more threatening to the Arabs of the Middle East.

This is why Dr Avishai has to use venomous words to describe his political opponents, in order to try to prove to his "progressive" friends that he is reall "okay" and not infected with "Jewish nationalism". He, of course, forgets that he, as an immigrant to Israel from North America, is just as much an "illegal settler" as the Jews in Judea/Samaria, and I also believe he lives in a part of Jerusalem that was settled by Arabs before the 1948 war. Thus, (if this is indeed the case, or if not, like other "progressives" who do live in what was Arab land pre-1948) he has to try to shed his guilt at benefitting from some Arab's loss of his home , by trying to shift the blame to the Judea/Samaria settlers and thus shift the attention of his fellow "progressives" from his "immoral" (not to me, but to the Palestinian's who actually started the war) behavior, hoping they will focus it on somebody else.

YMedad said...

Ah. So that's why none of my letters critical of Avishai to the New York Review of Books over the last two decades or so have never been published? That I am foreign to "progressivism"? The funny thing with the Hebrewism ideology is that those who first promoted it, AD Gurevitch and Yonatan Ratosh, were basically imperialists who sought to thwart colonialistic and backward Islam. They added on disillusioned Irgunist, Uri Avnery, and Palmachnik Matti Peled and Lechinik Natan Yellin-Mor to try out the Semitic Movement. What are farce.

YMedad said...

Oh, and Ada Choron (Gurevitch's pen name) and Ratosh, were Revisionists who plotted the overthrow of British Mandatory rule already in 1937, see Ratosh's ועינינו נשואות לשלטון.

fiddler said...

Yes Yisrael, it's all the Progressive Hebrewist Rootless Cosmopolitan World Conspiracy that prevents your letters from being published.

The difference between promoting a "Hebrew" state in the 1940s and today is that today there is a large Jewish majority in Israel, and "Hebrewism" is an attempt to repudiate Jewish exclusivism, to fairly share (as opposed to divide) the land. It's about giving, while back then, when Jews were a minority, it was about taking.

To zero-sum extremists like Y. Ben-David it's either driving the Jews into the sea or removing, or at least reducing to dhimmis the Arabs, which is why he's unable to understand compromises such as a Hebrew state, a state of all its citizens, or a two-states solution based on the Green Line.

Sagredo said...

Progressives, or at least liberals, have very little sympathy for nationalism of any stripe. I consider this a defining feature of liberalism.

This is something nationalists have trouble understanding, as they tend to interpret suspicion of their nationalism as favour for the other nationalism. Nationalism promotes a "with us or against us" mindset and cannot understand a sense of universal human justice.

Progressing from "is it right for the Jews" to "is it right for Israelis" just might not be antisemitism.

Sagredo said...

Israel seems to flip-flop over the decades between settlement expansion while talking compromise and settlement expansion while talking no compromise. Then they throw up their hands in exasperation as nothing seems to work with these intransigent Arabs...

Y. Ben-David said...

I don't see "progressives" having problems with "ethnic nationalism", as such, just with "Jewish nationalism". For example, "progressives" quite enthusiastically supported the break-up of Yugoslavia and the Albanian-speaking Kossovors insisting on separating from Serbia, "progressives" were supporters of Irish Catholic nationalism in Northern Ireland.
In Britain it is considered "progressive" to support Scottish and Welsh nationalism and even separatism. It was considered "progressive" to support the breakup of the USSR into so many "ethnic" states.

If ethnic nationalism is bad, then I suggest you "progressives" should do the Palestinians a favor and OPPOSE the creation of an independent Palestinian state. This way they can avoid the pitfalls of becoming "ethnic nationalists" and remain stateless "universalists" which "progressives" feel is so...well... "progressive".

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Barbara Oberman Katz:

The grizzled and grizzly Bernard Avishai is really one of the best minds of the trailor park.

Normal citizens of Israel realise they are faced with being chemically poisoned by Syria or Nuked by Iran and that stalling on all fronts would be wonderful.

In the meantime Netanyahu will do for the 67% of us who voted for the "right". With a bit of luck he will park conveniently in an interim situation as far as possible from political pressure.

The situation is not going to be resolved in the near future so (Yitzhak Shamir) rather than try to solve the problem let's try to manage the conflict and try to improve whatever can be improved and hope that someday things will be better and we can mow our front lawns in Peace.

Sagredo said...

To be liberal is, among other things, to put human rights before national sovereignty. Thus Kosovars had the right separate from Serbia. Equally, Abkhazians and North Ossetians have the right to separate from Georgia, and you can fault many would-be liberal voices in Europe for not recognising this.

It is progressive in Britain, in fact it is utterly mainstream, to recognise that Scotland has the right to separate should the people of Scotland collectively want it. Again this is ordinary self-determination.

There are plenty of liberals who do indeed oppose the creation of an independent Palestinian state in favour of a single binational state. And there are others who recognise that this is not what most Israelis or Palestinians want, and favour a two-state solution.

In all cases, it is humans who have rights, not nations, and not states, except inasmuch as such rights are expressions of human rights. Thus the Jews of Israel should have no rights that do not belong to all citizens of Israel.

Y. Ben-David said...

So the Scots have "the right" to break off from Great Britain. Who says? You? What about the Basques breaking away from Spain? What about the Corsicans breaking away from France. What about the Kurds breaking away from Iraq, Turkey and Syria? Do the Chechens have the right to break away from Russia. Does every ethnic group have the right to an independent state? Did the Confederacy have the right to break away from the Union?

YMedad said...

"the Jews of Israel should have no rights that do not belong to all citizens of Israel" -

well, do all citizens owe allegiance to the state? should they pay full taxes, serve in the army or do a form of national service in lieu? should they be permitted to identify, even verbally, with those desiring the state's destruction?

and if the state is the Jewish state, and even the UN decided that was to be the case, do all citizens have to be Jewish?

if Jews are moved/transferred to achieve peace, can Arabs be likewise treated?

why shouldn't states have rights? the right to defend its citizens from war, for example or the right to peace? why are individuals the ultimate "body collective" and not the community? cannot individuals, as free men, assign certain rights, duties and responsibilities that they cannot do singly to a government?

what political science course did you fail?

Sagredo said...

YBD: mostly, yes. The Confederacy however did not represent its people, only its white people, so no.

YM: The state owes allegiance to its citizens. Any citizen should be free to call for its destruction or reconstitution or for any other political change. This is basic freedom of political speech.

A state that privileges one national section of its citizenry over others should be reconstituted as one that does not, regardless of what the UN said.

The people have the right to be defended, and have the right to constitute a state for that purpose, among others.

Sagredo said...

"if Jews are moved/transferred to achieve peace, can Arabs be likewise treated?"

If Jews have the right to "return" to a land wih which they may have had no ancestral connection for two thousand years, do Arabs have the right to return to a land they've lived in within two generations or less?

YMedad said...

Sage, watch out what you wish for.

Since Jews were living in Atarot, Neveh Yaakov, Bet Haarevah, Shchem, Hebron, Gaza, etc. until either 1929, 1936-38 or 1948, it would seem that the whole issue of "settlements" in your view is false.

But we do have ancestral connection! Reutrn to Zion from all countries never ceased during the 1800 years of Exile, from N. Africa,, E. Europe, wherever, Mitnagdim, Hassidim, Sefaradim, Ashkenazim, etc. Let's not corrupt history with corrupt thinking and ideology.

Shoded Yam said...

Well, well. If it isn't the Gaulieter of Judea, Yisrael Goebbels. Nice to see you again, yankeleh. Read your letter to the LA Times this morning. Did you know they published it in the Entertainment Section? The Los Angeles Times is not the publication it once was, but I have to hand it to them. After years of humoring your ego, they finally understand you for the clown you actually are, and are now showcasing your "talents" where they can do the most good. Very sensible. Times being what they are, we can all use a good laugh.:-).

Now, I'm sure back in that alternative universe known as Meedad Manor (its kind of like "Meerkat Manor", except here the little meerkats wear kippot and orange tee shirts, and while still retaining the abilty to stand erect on their haunches, have also mastered the art of goose-stepping) you're considered to be some sort of history scholar. Unfortunately, in the real world, the standards for scholarship are somewhat different. You see the problem here yankleh, is that when a known facist works for an organization called "The Menachem Begin Heritage Center", the perception is that you're more interested in polishing images and promoting ideologies than you are in "scholarship".;-)

To wit;

"...The full truth, as our archival documentation demonstrates, is that Mr. Begin refused to desert, and in autumn 1943, negotiations were conducted with the Polish Army Headquateres, with the participation of Aryeh Ben-Eliezer, who traveled from the United States, and Marek Kahan, among others, on the matter of releasing him through an official procedure"

but it was this little qualifier that confirmed my suspicions as to the veracity of your "official" narrative;

"...The anti-semitism that many Jews suffered while serving in Anders Army of Free Poles should not be forgotten either."

Los Angeles Times, Sunday, March 8, 2009, Entertainment Section, Pg D2, Feedback.

Nu, Yankeleh, I'm sure you won't mind if I take a moment to translate this magical mountain of horsesh*t into plain english.

Aryeh Ben Eliezer came from the U.S. with a suitcase full of money. He then proceeded to buy Begins release.

Clearly, the goal of this blather is to paint Begin as this honourable guy who would not desert the Army of his homeland. Please. The truth is likely far more common and mundane. I suggest that begin was a city jew in an army made up of disposesed polish catholic farm boys, along with all of the attendant jew hatred. He probably figured he was better off with them than in some ghetto back in Poland. But he was miserable and he was probably getting the crap kicked out of him on a daily basis. He needed to get out and go to Palestine. Desertion was not an option, as Anders Army, though Polish(and at some point early on had been under soviet authority)was essentialy a formation within the British Army and therefore subject to a code of Military Justice. Had he deserted and made his way to Palestine he would've been subject to arrest and inprisonment at anytime, anywhere. One thing this effete europaen does not like is prison. What to do? Get hold of his Betarnik buddies in the states to finagle an "official" release.

"... Let's not corrupt history with corrupt thinking and ideology."

Yeah. You're probably right. We should leave that to professional bullshit artists like youself.

YMedad said...

Dear Mr. Pirate,

Do I sieg heil you or just laugh at your silly antisemitism?

Anyway, here's my brief reaction

Shoded Yam said...

Yankeleh, Yankeleh. What? No melo-drama? No pleas to Bernard to intercede? You're taking all the fun out of this.:-)

So which is it, yankel? Am I silly. Am I vicous? Boy, that last post must've stuck a wild hair up your ass. You're like a chicken with its head cut off. Sorry about the spelling though. I lead a busy life which doesn't leave much time for editing blog commentary. Unlike yourself, I actually have a function. Unbelievable, isn't it? That there are people in this world who perform jobs and services that don't consist of pissing in the wind on cyberspace. It is instructive however that you focus on trivialities and indicative of a disturbingly pedantic and petty nature. I think you're a little obsessive compulsive. You might want to have that looked into, goebbels.

Now, as to your expected hackneyed retreat into victimhood status. This is not about anti-semitism. This is not about Jew hatred. I'm Jewish. I'm Israeli. My wife and son are Israeli. I served and fought in Zahal for 3 years. So for a guy who hates Jews, I sure have a funny way of showing it. Either that or I'm a glutton for punishment. This is not about Jews. This is about you. Whithout making too fine a point of it, you're drek. Now you know you're a drek. But since your're loathe to discuss this facet of your personality, I didn't think you'd mind if I took a crack at it.

Polish American or Psychotic Left-Wing Jew? Wrong again. I'm a Chinese Jet Pilot. Have a nice day yankeleh.

YMedad said...

Dear Pirate,

I have had some experience dealing with slightly psychotic individuals who seek to define themselves, and thus justify their existence, by expressions of outrageous behavior, rantings and other forms of seeking to upset others so that their imbalanced nature will find comfort.

But I don't do that.

It's like the joke: "what did the masochist say to the sadist after the sadist requested him to whip him?" You know the answer, yes? It was: "No."

So, let's get back to basics: besides my name not being "Yankeleh", why do you find a need to employ Nazi terms? There are so many English words? Writing German enhances your lowly self-esteem? Is it better than acts of self-eroticism?

I do, actually, have a job and while not rich, I have succeeded in using my talents, admittedly more due to intelligence than brawn and technical ability to use my hands, to earn a living.

Now, since I do believe in self-improvement and even, what we refer to in Judaism as "doing repentance", if you would so kindly be more detailed as to what exactly irks you off about me, 'drek' is such an imprecise definition, I'd be happy to discuss matters.

Since I have corrected your errors about your wild claims regarding Begin, can we move on to more important issues, other than you?

And, if there is anything I can do for you, other than ignoring you which would be rather painful for you, just let me know. But try spelling correctly (or writing in Hebrew) since some words, if spelled wrong, can be misunderstood, and I wouldn't want to misunderstand such a unique example of a Jew. Unique, almost sui generis.

Have a nice life.

Shoded Yam said...

You don't like "yankeleh"? I thought it was a rather fitting name for a shtetl melamed who's hero was a gutless, effete, city jew, who now wants to turn Israel into a polish ghetto. But you know, you're right. Since you whine like a woman most of the time anyhow, why don't I just call you Rifkah and leave it at that.

Now, I'm sure that having come up through the ranks of Jewish Facism, you have developed an affinity for mental disorders, if only to be able to perform the
occasional self-diagnosis. Kudos.

Dr. Avishai is an idealist. God bless him. He has a well deserved and well respected worldwide reputation. I suspect there are many Jews, within Isarel and without (myself included), that share his views. Unlike the Dr., I'm not an idealist, I have no illusions regarding the aspirations of some testicularly challenged talmud thumping alte cocker. I'm not a published author. I have no reputation or perogatives that need to be guarded. As such I'm free to tell you the truth about yourself. You're a walking colostomy bag, a half-man who would sacarfice an entire nation in order to validate a racist theo-facist culture, this product of shteltl backwardness and pusalanimity and do it on the backs of my family and friends.

"...I do, actually, have a job and while not rich, I have succeeded in using my talents, admittedly more due to intelligence than brawn and technical ability to use my hands, to earn a living."

The ability to regurgiate the party line at the drop of a hat and then to apply this slavish orthodoxy to every facet of your existence does not denote intelligence. It is also not a panacea for a lack of intestinal fortitude.

"... Since I have corrected your errors about your wild claims regarding Begin, can we move on to more important issues, other than you?"

Correct them? You've done nothing of the sort. I was making a supposition based upon what I know of that petite bourgeoisie shop keeper. Apparently, I must've hit pretty close to the mark, since you felt it necessary to go into spin-mode directly afterwards. You didn't correct it, frumit. You engaged in damage control.

"...And, if there is anything I can do for you, other than ignoring you which would be rather painful for you,"

As I mentioned previously, you already know you're a piece of shit. You just weren't aware that the rest of us know it as well. Now that you are aware of it you have do what you do best and shuck the jive. Can you ignore me? I got $50.00 bucks that says you can't.

Shoded Yam said...

Oh yeah. I forgot.


"...why do you find a need to employ Nazi terms?"

Unlike myself, my wife is a rather accomplished individual. Holds a Ph.D in Bio-Chemistry from Hebrew University. Having lived with a scientist for many years now, I have become acquainted with the scientific method. Observation, Experimentation, Hypothesis.

So Reichsminister. If it quacks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, it must be a duck. But just to be sure, would you mind humming a few bars from the Horst Wessel Leid?

YMedad said...

Dear Pirate,

Does your wife actually permit you to engage in coitus in axilla, as you do here, or is she just waiting for her legacy after 120?

Shoded Yam said...

It would've been great had you been a betting man (or woman). That would've been the easiest fifty bucks I'd have made all week.

I'm not suprised that you brought up the subject of masturbation, since it is what you've been paid to do your whole life. People should expound upon those subjects of which they are knowlegeable. I bow to your obvious expertise in this discipline. ;-)

Unfortunately it puts paid to this delusional notion that you're a scholar worthy of interacting with other academics. And you wonder why Bernard doesn't want to talk to you? Who knows where that hand has been?

By the way sweetie. It also points to the sort of cowardice that would require lashing out at my wife pornographically (I mentioned her only incidentally) when you found your back against the wall. Just the sort of response I'd expect from the towel boy at the mikveh. You're the gift that keeps on giving, Reichsminister

YMedad said...

Cowardice? My, my. You know me but you? You're hiding. And you know you have reason to hide your identity because if your friends, neighbors and family (does you wife know what you write?), they'd most probably laugh or move away, quickly. Keep it up. I'm humming Shtei Gadot La'Yarden.

Shoded Yam said...

My wife is a labor zionist from a rather well connected family. Much like Dr. Avishai, their positions do not allow them the luxury of unvarnished truth. So instead they enjoy themselves vicariously as I rip you a new asshole. Believe me, they're all having a tremendous laugh at your expense.

As I already mnentioned on your blog, I prefer anonymity as means of protecting my privacy and the security of my wife and family. Since you've already demonstarted a certain emotional instability and a kahanist propensity for attacking women and children in lieu of a harder target, I feel its only prudent to do so considering the ease by which you could acquire certain information in cyberspace that would put their security at risk. Look at it this way Yankeleh. If we were actually having this converstaion in public, I would've already broken your jaw. You should thank God for the internet. It was designed to protect people like you.

YMedad said...

Ah, a little verbal pressure and you turn into a potential lethal and violent left-wing fascist. Oh well, I guess it's just frustration.

P.S. I did not kill Arlosorov. I'm sure that, at the least, assuages your wife.

Shoded Yam said...

"..I'm humming Shtei Gadot La'Yarden"

Thats good. I hope you remember the words because you'll be singing it as they drag you out of the house by your hair when Obama forces BiBi to evict you and the rest of the Hitler Youth. Don't kid yourself for a minute, goebbels. When the choice comes down to being between your shitty little hovel or the F-35 Strike Fighter, what do you think they're gonna choose?

Shoded Yam said...

"...P.S. I did not kill Arlosorov. I'm sure that, at the least, assuages your wife."

No, I'm sure you didn't but I'm sure as a professional right wing propagandist, you were one of those who had no problem publicly dehumanizing Rabin, thereby creating conditions conducive to his assasination, essentially making you an accesory before and after the fact.

YMedad said...

If I press you enough with my "propaganda" talent you obviously admire, do you implode, or just choke on your own bile?

YMedad said...

And about Rabin, actually I was active in attempting to tone down the level of animosity aimed at him but Rabin wasn't helping out. In fact, except for all the filthy Nazi terms, he almost sounded like you: "propellers", "washers" (kugel-lacher), "crybabies", "i'm only responsible for the security of 97% of the population", etc. And add on to that that the man most responsible for failing to protect Rabin as well as actually being the main provocator, Avishai Raviv (he isn't a friend of yours, is he?), was employed by Rabin as a Shabak agent. Now, that's remarkable. I guess left-wing, old-time Mapai politicians aren't as smart as they were cracked up to be. Your wife wouldn't be that close to the Histadrut system, would she?

Shoded Yam said...

"..Ah, a little verbal pressure and you turn into a potential lethal and violent left-wing fascist. Oh well, I guess it's just frustration."

There is this old joke about a guy on trial for murder in Texas. After lengthy deliberations the trial winds down. At the end of the trial, the judge asks the defendant; "Why'd ya kill em'?" The defendant replied; "he needed killing"

As I mentioned, I'm not an idealist. I'm not a rightist, nor am I leftist. I'm a pragmatist. In the end, you'll take a beating because your hubris and arrogance requires that you do so. Look at it as an excercise in Realpolitik. ;-)

Shoded Yam said...

Your defence is hollow. In the end you become an apologist for Rabin's assasin by essentially blaming Rabin for his own murder. You know what Reichsminister, quit while you're ahead.

YMedad said...

Whew, I'm glad that's over. See you in a few years, out here in Shiloh.

Shoded Yam said...

Sure thing asshole. I guess I'll be requiring an entry visa for Palestine. As a Palestinian citizen, you think you'll be able can help me out with that?

ib said...

Shoded Yam,
While I do admire free flow of information and I will guard anyone's freedom of speech (even if I don't agree with it), I find that insults, vitriol and plain meanness are just a weak attempt at bullying on the internet. Everyone knows that bullys are merely overcompensating for their own insecurities.
So bring your facts, bring your thought-out opinions and engage in lively and intellectual debate. Anything less than that is not worthy of response.
(And if you choose to insult me for my opinion of you, then you are invited, because frankly, I couldn't care less what someone like you thinks of me.)

Shoded Yam said...


Yankel got what he deserved. He lies and disembles for a living. The man has spent his life plying half-truths and mischaracterizations designed to promote an ideology, not scholarship. In the final analysis, his Shiloh-based babble is self-serving tripe. You want to promote facism? I'll have your guts for garters and I won't give a shit how it looks afterwards.

Good Luck

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