Tuesday, March 3, 2009

See Under: Misconceptions

From today's Jerusalem Post, a column by Michael Bar-Zohar, explaining why peace with Palestinians is impossible, that is, ruminating on why a growing (though narrow) majority of Palestinians now support missiles and terror attacks:

"These figures illustrate a major aspect of between Israel and the Palestinians and, on a wider scope, of the West and the Arab world: a tragedy of misconceptions, a confrontation of two societies that do not understand each other and naively believe that people on the other side have the same way of thinking and reasoning as them...

"The mistake of casting our own image on the opponent was repeated during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. Israel believed that by destroying major parts of Lebanon's infrastructure - roads, bridges, power stations - it would make the Lebanese people turn against the Hizbullah that had ignited the conflict. That could be true in Israel or in America, where public opinion weighs heavily on the political scales, but not in Lebanon. In Gaza, too, the massive destruction by the IDF didn't convince the Gazans that Hamas caused the disaster; on the contrary, their support for Hamas and its operations even grew."

Alternatively, See Under: Blitz.


Duncan said...

I wonder whether this is really a misconception itself. I don't think that the often held liberal view that hawkish policies are misguided or stupid really holds water. I don't believe that those in power are significantly less enlightened than I am and I don't believe that those behind the recent Israeli attacks really believed that they would bring about political change. They were simply punitive. The idea that the effect of public opinion is a different force in the US than in Lebanon is patent nonsense. The attack on 9/11 didn't lead to a public opinin backlash against American foreign policy. What a load of rubbish...

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