Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ezra Nawi, Jailed

I have written about Ezra before and have not hidden my admiration. He is a tireless human rights activist, who has established unique connections, and affections, with the villagers in the South Hebron hills. I have often sat in the back of his truck, being ferried to stand watch over fields that would not be plowed were it not for his courage and resourcefulness. I have seen Ezra stand, dignified, against settlers who regard him something the way Klansmen regarded Jewish northerners who came to bear witness against Jim Crow. He is the subject of a poignant film. He is also my plumber, as it happens, and he does not overcharge his customers.

Ezra is now facing jail: "His 'crime,'" writes Neve Gordon, in a comprehensive report, "was trying to stop a military bulldozer from destroying the homes of Palestinian Bedouins from Um El Hir in the South Hebron region. These Palestinians have been under Israeli occupation for almost 42 years; they still live without electricity, running water and other basic services and are continuously harassed by Jewish settlers and the military – two groups that have united to expropriate Palestinian land and that clearly have received the government's blessing to do so." You can read and watch what you need to know here, but you can also read more about Nawi from David Shulman here.

Attention Washington press corps: If you do not ask Benjamin Netanyahu about Ezra Nawi when the Prime Minister visits Washington, you are not doing your jobs.


Y. Ben-David said...

David Shulman has a very vivid imagination. You quoted him in a previous piece about mythical "pogroms" carried out by Jews in Bat Ayin in which "four Palestinians were murdered". This was an outrageous falsehood (but any phony story is okay if it serves the cause, right Comrade?).
Thus, I wouldn't pay much attention to anything he says here. Who knows what relationship it has to the truth?

Larry said...

I'm a great admirer of David Shulman's, I very much appreciate your quoting and referring to him, and and I very much appreciate the bite of the last sentence of the most recent blog. I can't imagine what would happen if Netanyahu were actually asked about Ezra Nawi, but it would be a better world if that happened.

aviefar said...

You may ask Netanyahu about Ezra Nawi. He sure will say that there is a law in Isreal and anti-Zionist may break the law, but if do so they are taking to court as any other citizen. Isn't it quite simple?

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