Monday, November 23, 2009

Jerusalem Syndrome

Akiva Eldar hits the nail on the head:

What could they possibly want from us? That was the combined reaction of the president, the mayor, the cabinet ministers and the head of the opposition. After all, they said, Gilo is at the heart of the Israeli consensus. What does that consensus mean? Reminder: In June 1967 Israel annexed to Jerusalem some 70 square kilometers of West Bank territory, including 28 Palestinian municipalities and villages that were never considered part of the city. When Jordan controlled Jerusalem, it was six square kilometers, including the Old City, whose territory is no more than a single square kilometer.

Since 1967, some 30 percent of East Jerusalem land has been appropriated for the construction of new neighborhoods for some 200,000 Israelis. Indeed, there is consensus among Israelis that in a peace agreement that would include exchange of territory, Gilo would remain under Israeli sovereignty. But not in a unilateral step that would not be recognized by any other country. Around the world, there is wall-to-wall agreement that East Jerusalem is at best disputed territory; in the Arab world, the consensus is that it is occupied territory.

Read his whole column about the status of Jerusalem, from today's Haaretz.


dprosenthal said...

In the opinion of the Palestinains, ALL of the land is occupied territory. The land annexed in the '67 war is no different from any other land won in battle - it belongs to the victor. There is no presidence for returning this type of territory, but if there were, it should go to Jordan, its last occupier. We'll just forget thousands of years of history.
Land for peace should be a worthy goal, but the return of Gaza backfired - resulting in more rockets being fired into Israel.
The next most logical swap would be the West Bank - but would that work any better? Gila will not be part of any trade because it is not only a part of Israel but is also an extra defense for the Holy City. Of course, logic has never been a factor in this conflict so it will probably continue for generations to come.
I have never understood how there could be a state of Palestine with the state os Israel dividing it into two parts - and until that can be explained to the satisfaction of both sides, all peace negotiations are mute.

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hammeruk14 said...

Land for Peace may be the only chance Israel has. Yes you are right initially rockets from Gaza fell until Gaza was bombared so much that Hamas realised it had seriously made an error of judgement.

Yes the current land known as Israel has has had many conquerors and many rulers go and come. But if one does not give up the land then the Palestinians must be made to feel that they are equal citizens or if Israel wants to repatriate them where would the Palestinians go and if the Palestinians have to go then im sure the odd 1.5 arab israelis have to go. Where will this end the only thing I hope for is humanity will eventually prevail as leaders, politicians, lobby groups have all lost credibility and failed so successfully.

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