Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Years Old

The blog is two years old today. To say I feel grateful does not do justice to the privilege of connecting with so many readers, and writers, around the world. And (as a smart shrink once put it) how do you know what you think until you hear yourself say it? If you are moved to write a note, or a suggestion, I'd be pleased to receive it: And you might consider sending friends an email subscription, or subscribing yourself if you have not already done so. It is really the best way to keep up with posts, which may become less frequent as I get down to a new book project. (Just write your or your friend's email address in the box to the right.)

Here is a little present to mark the blog's birthday. It is Matti Caspi's song about a dove that spreads its wings and flies, on and on, over the hills of Gilboa.


Joel Strauss said...

It's been a pleasure to read. Your analysis of this past election was excellent. It took a while for the international press to pick up on the impossibility of Tzipi Livni forming the government.

Margot Stern said...

Mazal tov, Mr. Avishai. Your blog is one of the more trustworthy and refreshing blogs in the Jewish online world today.

Potter said...

Congratulations. This is one of the very few blogs worth reading. This space is singular in it's devotion to positive visions grounded in reality, not fantasy, of a path, or paths, that if taken will, I am convinced too, will lead to a better future for Israel, indeed will lead to Israel's survival and a more peaceful region. The sentiment here also expresses at times the despair and helplessness I also feel- the fear that the deterioration and decent (continuing provocations), are invitations to more violence, increasingly inevitable. I fear we may be helplessly watching a long long struggle which may have to include civil war/s and much more death and destruction. That it does not have to be this way, needs to be said again and over again with the sound magnified. So I am grateful for this persistence. Thank you.

Potter said...

Oops! That word should be spelled descent ( as in going down), not decent.

Shoded Yam said...

Dr. Avishai,

I have learned alot and appreciate your forbearance in regards to my acerbic wit. I hope that it has not diminshed the dignity of this blog. Your articles have a mathematical beauty to them and I would never wish to distract from that.

Kol HaK'vod


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