Monday, January 11, 2010

Back To Sheikh Jarrah

This past Friday, the demonstration grew by about 50 over the week before: about 350 people in all. No breakthrough yet, but I am still convinced that this cause is so simple, pure, and emblematic that it has the potential to become a catalyst for Israelis determined to make a stand against the systematic absorption of East Jerusalem into Israel. It would probably help to focus on slogans that all Israeli progressives can rally to, like "East Jerusalem, the Capital of a Palestinian State," or, "Jews and Arabs don't have to be enemies" (the latter has a nice ring in Hebrew: trust me). It would probably also help to lose the red flags, and bring Israeli flags to wave along with those of Palestine. The young organizers are serious, smart--and learning.



Potter said...

Or create a new flag composed of a bit of both.

I like "we don't have to be enemies" ( duh!)

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