Monday, January 25, 2010

An Important Evening: Pass The Word

An open invitation to a panel discussion (in English)

Economic Peace:
Foundation or Distraction

Introductory Remarks: Bernard Avishai, author, The Hebrew Republic: How Secular Democracy And Global Enterprise Will Bring Israel Peace At Last, adjunct professor of business, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Chair: Sam Bahour, Consultant and entrepreneur, CEO, Applied Information Management

Bassem Khoury, CEO of Pharmacare and former Economics Minister of the PA
Amal Masri, General Manager of Ougarit Co. for Marketing, Communications, and Media
Ammar Aker, CEO of Jawal, Palestine’s major cell phone company
Sami Abu-Dayyeh, CEO of Netours, East Jerusalem’s largest tourist company

The term, “economic peace,” has often been used to imply that Palestinians under occupation might be more tranquil if they had fuller bellies and fatter wallets. But the term also suggests a reasonable question: Can a Palestinian state rise peacefully if Palestinian civil society does not now engender a globally competitive community of entrepreneurs and professionals? If the answer is no, then the state of Israel has an obvious interest in helping this community advance, or at least in not getting in its way. Is Israel taking advantage of this opportunity, or adding burdens to Palestinian commercial life? The extraordinary panel we have assembled will speak to these issues in detail.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010, 19:00
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 43 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem
Tel. 02-5605222 /
Admission is free

Parking is not available at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.


Potter said...

Of course the answer to the reasonable question is no -a peaceful state cannot arise without economic activity, and at that, one which can engage globally. Which begs the question: has Israel's strategic goal been (and for a long time been) to deliberately prevent this result? Which begs the questions: why? to what ends? Which begs the answer: Israel does not want such a state- and fears loss of control.

Is Israel's heavy foot repressing development for legitimate security reasons- or is this an excuse which actually helps feed those security concerns ( self fulfilling)- placing Palestinians in an impossible situation where they must resist for their own dignity.

It's an insult to imply that Palestinians would be any more tranquil and trade their dignity for fatter wallets.

I am sure you will talk about risks.

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to deliberately prevent this result? Which begs the questions: why? to what ends? Which begs the answer: Israel does not want such a state- and fears loss of control.

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