Sunday, May 30, 2010


Didi Remez and his young crew have a great blog going, called Coteret, or "Headline." There is much in the Hebrew press that is either not translated or slips through the cracks. Coteret is on it.


Shoded Yam said...

Ever since I've been reading Coteret, my in-laws in Kiryat-Ono have been consistently bewildered. Over the years they became used to the linguistic camouflage that hebrew provided, no internet and the attendant limited access to Israeli publications when it concerned Israels "indiscretions". Yediot, Maariv, etc, were the journalistic equivalent of Navajo Code Talkers. Its enigmas to be deciphered only by the initiated. As the Japanese had been left befuddled, so to Americans. But thanks to Didi and his Bat Computer, no more :-)

Anonymous said...

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