Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hebrew University On The March

Yesterday, about 800 faculty and students marched down the hill from Mt. Scopus to Sheikh Jarrah. The full story is here. A snatch of the march from my iPhone, below. The movement is not petering out; on the contrary, the weekly Friday protests are starting to feel like a congregation without which the Sabbath Bride cannot be fully welcomed.

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Y. Ben-David said...

The irony of this story is that the Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University is built on land that belonged to the Arab village of Sheikh Badr before 1948. I wonder where the residents of that village are today? Similarly, I am sure at least some of the professors that joined the march also live in homes that belonged to Arabs before 1948, and they did not pay them for them.

In any event, the Jews living in Sheikh Jarrah now didn't just come in and throw out the Arabs living there. They were given authorization to live there by a court order. Thus, if anyone is to blame it is the court. The demonstrations should be there.

Of course, if these professors from HU who are now living in Arab houses in west Jerusalem feel sorry for those who were forced out of the Sheikh Jarrah homes (they all could have stayed had they agreed to pay rent, and I believe some did so), it would be in the highest tradition of these "progressives" that they should offer to turn over those formerly Arab homes to them as compensation.

Potter said...

BA thank you, I wondered how things were going. This gives me some hope, makes me feel better.

"Ruth Butler, a professor in the department of education, said she has been active in the struggle for quite some time. "The attempt to expel these families from their homes is wrong on the human and moral level. It's clear that this is also done as a political move, in an attempt to sabotage any opportunity to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians – as it includes the division of Jerusalem," she said.

Y. Ben-David said...

Of course the idea is to prevent the division of Jerusalem, because the "division" of Jerusalem, means the DESTRUCTION of Jerusalem, for the Arabs as well as the Jews. Remember what it was like before 1967?

Potter said...

As Ronald Reagan said ( remember him? ) "There you go again". ( and he also said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!)

The future is not the past repeated. Through my glasses, which are a different color than yours, I can see a happy international open city, welcoming, prosperous.Not that you don't have to work for that. But why not work for it- unless you like hitting yourself?

Jerusalem is ground zero for potential Jewish-Arab.Muslim cooperation. From there goodwill can flow outward. (Don't fall back on your heels at the idea)

Y. Ben-David said...

"Jerusalem is ground zero for potential Jewish-Arab.Muslim cooperation. From there goodwill can flow outward."

You mean like those other multi-confessional, multiethnic Middle Easter cities...Beirut and Baghdad? I am afraid the onus is on you to explain why a divided Jerusalem will work out the way you claim it will.

Potter said...

Ben-David- Why don't you tell me how a solely Jewish/Israeli Jerusalem is going to work?

Y. Ben-David said...

It is working very well, although not perfect. The city has grown immensely, both its Jewish and Arab parts, since 1967. The standard of living in the Arab parts is much higher and municipal services are far superior to what existed under Jordanian rule. The Arabs would have more clout if they voted in the municipal elections, which they are entitled to do, but which they refuse to do. That is their choice (otherwise they would have around 30% of the seats on the municipal council). The fact that the city DOES work is why Jerusalem Arabs DO NOT WANT TO LIVE UNDER PALESTINIAN RULE. They know they would be the first to suffer if the city was redivided.

As I said, even under Israeli rule there are difficulties and the Arabs grumble, but since there is no possibility of any peace agreement being reached between Israel and the Palestnians, the current situation is the best possible FOR BOTH SIDES.

Potter said...

I assume Arabs refuse to vote because they are unhappy and do not want to recognize Jewish rule as a done deal. Call it passive resistance.

When you say " since there is no possibility of any peace agreement being reached between Israel and the Palestnians, " you are asking for trouble beyond the mere grumbling were that to be so. In other words I don't buy that Palestinians are happy with all of Jerusalem soley under Jewish rule. This is a fiction you have invented to suit your politics. How about finding me a Palestinian saying this?

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