Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm in transit to the US, so I cannot do more than urge you to read Haaretz's many responses to yesterday's grotesque events, especially (as usual) its judicious editorial. I must also mark, too hastily, the death of Lova Eliav, whom I greatly admired, and to whom I owe many kindnesses. He was a man of rare qualities: the courage to stand alone and a fascinating sense of mission, but also a confident humility. Let's just say he was the kind of Zionist I had originally come for. I interviewed him back in 1975, after he founded a new peace party, and we got to talking. I told him, bluntly, and with a chuzpah that embarrasses me now (I was 26), that his party was saying all the right things, but that he himself did not have the charisma to lead it. Why, I asked, didn't he call, say, the Hebrew University's Shlomo Avineri, and try to nudge him into politics? He looked a little pained, but more bemused than insulted. The next time I saw him, he embraced me and said, as if updating a consultant, "I called Avineri but he wasn't interested." I count the twinkle an important piece of my political education.


Anonymous said...

A moving remembrance.

Potter said...

About Lova Eliav about whom I did not know, especially about the hole he leaves, thank you. What a contrast to this latest incident- what was vs what is.

Regarding this flotilla event, could there be a better illustration of the bind that the United States ( and other Western countries) is in between indulgence of Israeli policy and avoidance of a peace deal on the one hand and relations with the Arab and Muslim world on the other? Could there be a better illustration than HIllary Clinton trying to finesse this somehow with Turkey when Turkey wants clear condemnation of Israel and all the world at this point seems to agree? At the UN today Israel's leaders could however still count on us.

LA Times: Led by Turkey, the tougher measure would have condemned the incident “in the strongest terms” and called for “an independent international investigation.” After about 13 hours, the wording of the U.N. statement doesn’t mention Israel by name and allows Israel to conduct its own probe.

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