Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sheikh Jarrah: The Opening Heart

My friend Avner Inbar, a leader of the young movement, writes a kind of manifesto for "Just Jerusalem" in today's Jerusalem Post.


Y. Ben-David said...

(1) The statement Inbar makes that Jews don't go into east Jerusalem and Arabs into west Jerusalem is patently false. But how many New Yorkers go into the South Bronx? Does that mean New York should be divided up.

(2) Political division of the city will INEVITABLY mean the physical division of the city, a return to the pre-67 situation of anti-sniper walls, barbed wire, random shooting into the Jewish other words, a nightmare. Arabs, who have residency rights in Jerusalem would flee to west Jerusalem to avoid the inevitable clashes that the different Palestinian groups will engage in to decide who controls the holy city (Islamic extremists vs FATAH and other Arab countries would join in to establish their influence ther), and Jews will flee WEST JERUSALEM because the city will become like the truncated, barely livable city it was before 1967.

Yes, there are problems. More should be done to show the Arabs that their best bet is to support continued control of a united Jerusalem and this has to be done by improving municipal services in the Arab areas. But anything is will be a disaster FOR BOTH ARABS AND JEWS. Inbar knows this deep down and so does the Israeli Left.

YMedad said...

a. Amazing that our leftists cry "the city isn't unified because there is no true intertwining" and yet when Jews seek to do that, they get upset;

b. The 'human rights' camp seems to get all hot and bothered about Jews who want to reclaim property purchased in 1870s, lost in 1948 due to Arab ethnic cleansing, after Arabs illegally ensconced as squatters and then refused to fulfill the conditions which permitted them to live. Come on, guys, even Jews have rights. there, including rent payments

Shoded Yam said...

Ah Goebbels. Hard day at the Nuremburg Rally, eh? Hows that SS Rune tattoo healing up?

C'mon, Reichminister. You know the Israeli left doesn't give a two-penny shit about the arabs. They just don't like living with child molesting rabbis and mediocre shmatta peddlers from NYC trying to pass themselves off as the cream of judaism. When its a choice between throwing a bone to Ibn Daoud or humoring some high maintenance weakling from the Bronx, who spends his days nuturing Holocaust revenge fantasies and spinning solipsistic polemics and rationalizations to justify HIS theft and HIS racism, They'll throw out this parasitical shtetl melamed, this glad-handing, right-wing sycophant and install in his place an Arab that doesn't talk so much and require the rest of us to validate the product of two dishonest gerbils running on a wheel inside his skull.

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