Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dark Winter: Reprise

A couple of years ago, I posted this little notice about my daughter Ellie Avishai's song, "Dark Winter," which she wrote during the week immediately after 9/11. Nothing evokes the morning of the attack for me like this gentle song, and I thought I might share it again, especially for the hundreds of readers who were not following this blog in 2008. The song has continued its career, while the songwriter has focused on building an educational consultancy with the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Business. And Ellie got married this past Sunday, to her partner of many years, Brian Studniberg. For that day, at least, it was hard to imagine any winter not being brightened considerably by a daughter's eyes.


Shoded Yam said...

Mazal Tov, Bernie. May your daughter and her husband share many happy years together! As for myself, since 9/11 nothing for me has been the same, as in the way it once was, and I despair that it will ever be again. America has become this cold,dark place filled with ignorant bastards licking at the teats of charlatans and grifters. Ginsburg was prophetic. We have become Moloch.

Potter said...

Congratulations, Bernard Avishai on your daughter's marriage. The song is very touching.

For going on 10 years now we still have not processed 9/11 in a mature way as a country. Obama praised GWBush 's leadership on that day and during that time- but he shied away from the actual path GWB put us on and the real damage that was done in the name of "freedom" and our "values". Ellie gets it right- and she has a lovely voice. I had not heard this. We are still in that dark winter as evidenced by the poison we see oozing out.

Thank you.

Shana Tovah BA and to you too Shodad Yam.

Silvia Tennenbaum said...

What a beautiful song, especially in the wake of all the sentimental drivel and nativist uses of the word HERO that we've been inundated with the last few day. Bertold Brecht had something to say about that. Was it to pity the land that has need for heroes?
We'e become a nation fragmented,blinded by anger, and are racing down an unexplored road, beset by demons. I despair - as I despair at the way Israel is losing its moral compass. For a few minutes there, listening to your daughter's song, I felt at peace.Let her continue on her way and mazl tov on her marriage and shona tova to everyone who may read this andis trying to find the way to peace. Salom.

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