Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mailbag: Geneva Lives!

I just got this note from my friends at the Geneva Initiative, which in view of the current situation makes better reading than ever. The initiative remains a strong rebuke to those who argue that there is no partner for peace on the Palestinian side. And if an international peace plan ever does take shape, it won't look very different from this.  

In viewing your posts, we noticed that you link to a number of relevant blogs and websites. We were hoping you might consider linking to the Geneva Initiative website, which contains a wealth of resources on the peace process and a detailed blueprint for an Israeli-Palestinian final status agreement. There you will find the latest polling data, Annexes to the Geneva Accord outlining solutions to final status issues, and an archive of relevant news and opinion. We believe readers of your blog would be interested in the resources we have to offer, and it would be our pleasure to make the connection. We also run a Hebrew language blog, which might interest you, as well as a Facebook page.


Y. Ben-David said...

"Geneva", like J-Street are the biggest frauds the "peace camp" has ever come up with. This organization has such a deceptive propaganda line I am surprised than anyone falls for it.
They use things like "we are for peace with Israel alongside a Palesitnian state that is demilitarized". Sounds nice, but WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Gaza is "demilitarized". How is that working out. The devil is in the details which "Geneva" is very careful not to delve into. Dividing Jerusalem with "Arab areas to the Arabs and Jewish areas for the Jews". What happens when the seam line between the areas becomes a shooting gallery? How can the city remain open if Israel doesn't control security in the Arab part of the city? No answers, just a bunch of pieties about how everyone wants peace.
They claim that a "majority" supports peace along the lines of the "Geneva" package. Ignore the details, they just get in the way.

The biggest fraud is the claim that "we have a partner", implying that the Palestinian leadership accepts the terms of "Geneva". Well, they don't. Geneva claims that the Western Wall will remain under Jewish sovereignity. The Palestinians made it quite clear they will never accept that..they view the Western Wall as a Muslin holy place and any Jewish claim to it is a fraud.
If Geneva was popular, why is that the parties that claim to support it, mostly MERETZ, HADASH and Labor only have 20 seats out of 120 in the Knesset? The whole thing is based on Public Relations hype.

Y. Ben-David said...

I should add the Olmert offered an agreement pretty much along the lines that Geneva proposed and Abbas rejected it.

Here is a poll that shows many Jerusalem Arab oppose dividing the city-a key component of Geneva:

Potter said...

B-D: You argue as though Geneva was agreed to and it did not work out. The Geneva Initiative shows what is possible; both sides gave concessions; there were indeed partners talking to arrive at at this proposal.

You talk as though the violence is only from the Palestinian side, that Palestinians don't experience any violence and provocation ( ongoing theft of land, various forms of oppression) from Israeli's (you should know well if you hang around here and read)-from the army and individuals, settlers and their supporters. You talk as though Gaza today represents some effect of Geneva or some peace deal and not unilateral withdrawal and Israel's complicity in the state of things in Gaza today. This is a variation of the chant "see we gave them Gaza and look what they did!".

That you keep talking about Olmert's generous offer proves that nothing penetrates from all that has been written about it's flaws, lack of support in Israel and about how it was not even a real offer. Olmert saw some light as he was about to be leaving office.

But you continue to spread your propaganda-

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