Thursday, March 3, 2011

J Street: Worth Watching

If you could not come to the J Street Conference, and have an hour and a half, this is probably the session to watch. Dennis Ross, followed by comments by Daniel Levy, Roger Cohen, and myself.


Ann in SF said...

Professor Avishai, because of the overflow crowd, I missed most of the BDS panel at the J-Street conference, but got into the Q&A and heard you (I think it was you!) state that Israel and So Africa are not analogous. Can you please point me to an article that explains this clearly and in depth? More people need to absorb this, and I would like to have a link to share -- it's so hard to explain to BDS supporters why that's not the direction for constructive change.
Thank you!

Bernard Avishai said...


It is on my site under recent articles.

Potter said...

This discussion was worth the hour and a half investment- even the Dennis Ross part in the beginning to give a sense of tired old thinking ( I guess Ross felt he had to reassure other tired old thinkers that we support an "iron dome" over Israel). This too is where the Obama administration is at the moment I assume. One can only hope that the ideas expressed in this discussion flow to the White House- but I "fear the fear" (to paraphrase FDR) to do anything that might change our ( the US) stance enough prior to the 2012 election ( it's always some obstacle....

As some or all said- this is a ripe but moving moment.

So- if Israeli's are inclined to endorse an "Obama blueprint" but not inclined to confront the settlers, and if Palestinians need at least a freeze to believe again (which is NOT a concession a priori as it is being called but a confidence building measure akin to Palestinians stopping the violence and beginning to build) -how do we get over this bump ( if there were such a "blueprint"- which is another bump)?

It was maddening to listen to you three, all of whom I follow, and feel the almost common sense of what was being said. That is not meant to take away from the creativity and expression on that stage but simply to say “duh!” That then made me to want to take some leaders by the shoulder ( here and in Israel) if I only could and shake them madly to knock some sense in.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this session (Levy, Cohen, and your comments on Ross) was one of the highlights of the conference.
News of the BDS breakout session, which I didn't make it to, made it into other sessions at the end of the conference. I was disappointed that J Street didn't post the video from it. Can you?!?!

Shari Motro, Univ. of Richmond

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