Monday, August 15, 2011

Protest: NPR's "On Point"

I mentioned yesterday that NPR's "On Point" would be hosting a discussion on the protests. For those who missed it, here is the program, Etgar Keret and myself.


Potter said...

Nadia, the settler, “the inheritor” from Women in Green is quite a fear mongerer, claiming to protect the rest of Israel when settlers are actually endangering the country in order to protect their ideology and their “status quo”, pushing an extreme, ears closed to realities. Talking points flow.

Netanyahu is dancing but not acknowledging the elephant on the floor- claiming that it’s the global economic situation that is causing the hardships and shortages.

Nadia’s comparison: Jews ( or Israeli’s) giving up Bethlehem and Hebron to the Arabs is as if we here in the US gave up New York City to Bin Laden. She picks New York City, Manhattan, a salad bowl/melting pot, that we know is part of what makes the city vibrant and what it is and helps keep the economy going. This is how far from reality this settler leader is. Such a person, a person still harping about Oslo, looking backwards, does not care about a wealthier happier more peaceful Israel. The view from the extreme right sees the left – even the center, (the majority?) as extreme. These indulged and spoiled children ( as they have been called), Israeli’s cannot reason with.

The tents and crowds in the street, the spirited drumming signaling the march forward, I think, is inspired by the smaller persistent Friday crowds in Jerusalem all year – the Sheikh Jarrah protesters- as well as the Arab Spring uprisings. Victor Hugo should awaken for this.

Keret makes a good point that at the very least social protest will be more legitimate and not seen as betrayal any more. I hope so and it may help change some views about Israel here in the US as well about what most Israeli’s really want.

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