Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Upcoming Lectures: Please Come

I'll be speaking at Boston University tomorrow night, Thursday, September 15th., on the agreeably general subject: "Israel and the Emergence of a Palestinian State." (Actually, I'll be trying to think through why we are so stuck.) I'll be speaking on the same topic for the Houston World Affairs Council next Wednesday, the 21st., and at the University of Texas on Thursday, the 22nd. I'll be coming to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, October 11th. More details soon.


Judy Hollander said...

Coming to NYC?

Len Lyons said...

I was at your talk at BU on 9/15. Very interesting and new (for me) perspective on the right of return and your idea of "federalism. But the talk left me with a big question, which there was not time to ask. What about Gaza. Whenever you mentioned "Palestine" and the attributes that support your thinking, I got the impression you had the West Bank in mind. How does Gaza fit into your vision of Federalism. The possibility seems a very long way off.

naomi1935 said...

I found the talk really interesting, but have two questions.

One: who in this federation, would control immigration. I'm old enough to remember when European Jews were frantically searching for refuge, and found that no one would let them in. There has to be a place in the world where Jews can control immigration.

Two: as the Palestinians look for a law of return, or some method of compensating for several generations of being forced off their lands, is there any thought for the Mizrachi Jews who lived in the Middle East for centuries, and who were forced out in the 1940s and 1950S?

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