Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Phoning It In

Marc Steiner's program is remarkable in the freedom he gives his guests to develop their arguments. He asked me to elaborate on the Harper's article, which I did yesterday by phone. I am grateful for the invitation, and hope the program is as rewarding for listeners as it was for the talkers. Listen.


Potter said...

A commenter, maybe here or on one of the links here, complained that the Jewish/Israeli point of view has no problem with venues here in the US whereas we do not hear from Palestinians (thinkers). I thought that Edward Said was gone and in his place we have here one Palestinian intellectual, Rashid Khalidi, that we have not heard from in awhile. I notice Haaretz just published an article with his opinion imbedded, quotes. I think it's worthy:

We Already Have A One-State Solution

It would be great to have both of you debating.

Listening to the Mark Steiner interview, which was really good, I had the sense that both sides need to be taken my the hand, like little children ( forgive me) and led step by step through this with vision such as yours and some definitions and history added.

I wish you the energy, the will, the openings to keep talking.

Thank you.

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