Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who Is Portnoy Satirizing?

The book section of the Daily Beast just put this up. It is probably the best synopsis of Promiscuous that I can come up with--and a reminder to be the first on your block to own the book! Makes a great gift, too!


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Potter said...

I can't wait to read this and the other reviews. But FIRST- I am coming across the finish line of the book in question and totally amazed at how familiar it all is to me. [You would leave me] "bleeding in the gutter" this line.... oh my goodness, my discordant parents used to argue with that one. Awful awful.
Roth reminds me. I have not begun to even analyse yet. I have to say though, without having read any reviews on Roth's book, I am also thinking of and remembering Henry MIller's writing. I know very different -but all the same Miller comes to mind.... 'twas very liberating.